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Lisa Arata
Greeley, CO

I think about what my wrist feels like drawing and what I feel like coloring.  I draw the lines, then often a colored line to make an interesting relationship with the colors I fill in.  I often try to create a popping effect by putting cold and warm hues up against each other.  I seek randomness.  I obey the very next thought that comes to me.  I love sheen and sparkle, so many pieces get touches of sparkle paint added in.


Tess Jones
Greeley, CO

With a father who taught himself silver work and a mother who taught us the correct installation of a zipper, I was destined to be a maker of things.  With a need to document my thoughts and wonderings, and an obsession with the turning of pages I have grown into a book person who can hardly stop myself from creating just one more journal, in hopes that the private space will inspire someone to remember, imagine, resolve, dream, cogitate.