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Daniel Augenstein
Greeley, CO

I remember drawing as a four year-old.  Licking the tip of the red color pencil made a more intense red as I drew my tree!   In seventh grade, I was given a set of oil paints for a Christmas present.  My mom showed me what she had learned about painting a still life in an evening class.  


In 1973 and 1974, while an art student at the University of Northern Colorado, I had the chance to study in Florence, Italy for 10 months.  That influence changed my life in many ways.

Following graduation, I began teaching art in the public school.  From drawing, to printmaking, to ceramics, to painting, my experiences broadened and I fell "head over heels" infatuated with mark making. 

I have found that my brushes and pencils create the same endless variety of marks just as the world surrounding me displays an endless variety of life.  I find whimsical lines of energy in my paintings begin to imitate the energy that I sense around me.  I have fallen in love with my brush! 

My subject matter and media reflect over forty years of sharing a wide range of artistic adventures with my students in public school and at the college where I currently teach.  Every new medium still represents another possible right answer to some yet unanswered query and another journey to some adventure.


Katie Caro
Greeley, CO



Susan Haskins
Greeley, CO

Susan Haskins of Greeley, Colorado studied art and business at the University of Northern Colorado. She has also studied painting in Ponte, Italy as well with professional painters such as Dean Bowlby, Jody Goodwiine, Hollis Wilford, Mark Daily and Skip Whitcom.

Haskins is an oil painter concentrating on landscape focusing on the "plein air" (french term meaning open air on location). She has also done portraiture, sculpture and three Loveland transformer boxes. "The en plein air technique is my favorite because it lends itself to a fresh look, not over worked. The completed painting or study is usually finished in 1-2 hours because of the quickly changing light and shadows."

Susan is a member of: Madison and Main Gallery, Plein Air Artists of Colorado, Glenwood Springs Artist Guild and the Gilpin County Artists Association.